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Event Space in San Francisco

Fyi from a friend …

Charles Jo


I want to give you a heads up that Founders Space now has 7000 square feet of event space that’s available to use.

We just brought on-board Alex Pelin to manage the space.  If you’re interested in holding an event here, you can contact Alex at and work out an arrangement with him.

Founders Space is located at 450 Townsend St., San Francisco.   It’s only two blocks from CalTrain, and there’s plenty of free parking after 6 pm.

Take care!

Steve Hoffman

Captain of Founders Space

Startup Notes

Thoughts on ideal path (?):

  1. Consult w/@hunterwalk.
  2. Prototype w/o funding or @kickstarter/@Tilt.
  3. Create profile on @angellist.
  4. Exclusive announcement @ProductHunt for PHbump traction.
  5. Join @ycombinator or @500startups for their valuable alumni network.
  6. Get funding (blessing) by @A16Z.
  7. Get interviewed by @jason for more PR buzz.
  8. M&A/IPO?
  9. Share lessons learned + mediocre super powers interview @sarahcuda.
  10. Repeat (except skip step 3 if already done or join as partner/advisor).