3 thoughts on “8th Exercise – SV Angel’s David Lee talks at Startup School NY 2014

  1. Notes:
    1. Elevator pitch is not an exercise in charismatic public speaking skills but founder’s authentic story.
    2. Listening not only for empathy but as data collection & analysis.
    3. Reputation is paramount.
    4. Lead by example.
    5. Investors should be evaluated by value add; especially when there are multiple options for startups.

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  2. David Lee (SV Angels Fund) at Startup Grind 2013 http://youtu.be/LO2GiIpMVo4

    1. Silicon Valley center of gravity for startups moving to San Francisco.
    2. Expression (journal, discussions w/significant other, coach, etc.) is one way to help with work life balance. Down time is crucial.

    San Francisco has been the center of top designers for at least a few years.

  3. [beLAUNCH2013 VC Special Session] Talk with Top Early Startup Investor in SV and Korea http://youtu.be/OvCx0Ca3Hlk

    1. SV Angel only helps when companies ask – similar to attorney/advisor type roles. No BOD seats.
    2. Ron Conway is investor/advisor to SV Angel. He is considered one of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley startup scene.
    3. Entrepreneur story is universal do despite Silicon Valley focus, SV Angel may invest in compelling founder outside Silicon Valley.
    4. Will invest in founder w/proven track record even if founder is starting a tofu restaurant/stand :)
    5. Youtube has great lectures & keeping up with English.

    Seems very similar Andreesen Horowitz in friendly partnering w/founder & founding team but focused at early stage. Maybe this is the new model for overall VC market.

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