Angel Pitch, Venture Capital, and The Internet of Things!

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We’re having fun this summer! Things are certainly heating up.

We have 35 startups in ourAcccelerator Program now.

We have 2 big events coming up:

Founders Space Angel Pitch
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Venture Capital and The Internet of Things
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I just read Swerve, a brilliant history of Renaissance book hunters!

Yours truly,
Captain Hoff

P.S. We also have Pitch Workshops.

Startup Tips from Captain Hoff

Planning Your Exit

Venture Capital and the Internet of Things (event)


Founders Space is BIG on the Internet of Things!

Join us and find out why VCs are investing heavily in this sector:

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▪ How does this impact your startup?
▪ Why can’t you afford to ingore this trend?
▪ What should your Internet of Things strategy be?
▪ Where is the money flowing and how big will this get?

Speakers include top VCs and angels and an incredible IoT startup that’s on fire. It’s being hosted by Pillsbury Law.

Angel Pitch & Workshops (event)


Need Funding? Come to our Founders Space Angel Pitch and meet our panel of top angels & VCs.

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>> Pitch Workshop: Sign Up Here <<

This is our major pitch event, and you don’t want to miss it.

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