Get to know the 400 founders & investors at SSG


We reached 400 members yesterday!

Terrence Yang had a great idea of AMA channels for each member on Slack so we started testing with Violeta. This could be a neat virtual office.

I’ve made a template out of our members to use based on our online chat interview with Dmitry. If you are up for it, I encourage all members to fill in and share. Until we get some customized tools up and running for SSG, this could be another way for us to learn more about each other. Save a copy and once completed, share with group on Slack:

Virtual pitch event went well yesterday from what I hear from members so let’s keep this going and iterate. Thanks JD, Nathan for leading this effort and all the participants.

Let’s brainstorm on all the great things we can do with 400 motivated members around the globe.

Have a great weekend!

Charles Jo650.906.2600

Your input is welcome