Idea – scholarship from SSG to promising entrepreneur student

Idea – scholarship from SSG to promising entrepreneur student

The primary assumption at Startup Study Group ( is that openly accessible information on how to create startups will help more industry leaders to step up to create the better future we need.

We need to explore basic tools for such talent who otherwise do not have access. I am reminded of the story of a girl in Africa who was able to study on her cell phone to gain entrance into an university. There must be such focused, resilient and promising students who can benefit from a scholarship that would subsidize costs of a smartphone, monthly wireless bill, and/or computer. And of course, access to the 400+ SSG founders, investors, and advisors.

Initial thought for raising a fund is selling t-shirts with SSG logo and member startup companies logos. Members and anyone who wants to help can purchase them and the margins would go directly to fund the scholarship.

Discussions around students to award such scholarship is welcome. My preference is for regions who can benefit most by such an award and otherwise may not have such access.

All ideas are welcome.


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