My Favorite Apps by Sol Weinreich

Some good apps to add to 2015 productivity.
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My Favorite Apps by Sol Weinreich

I recently posted this collection to Product Hunt Unfortunately Product Hunt automatically ranks the products based on their popularity on Product hunt. I have a different ranking.

Here it is

Mailbox for Mac (Beta): By far my favorite app in both versions whether it’s Mac or iPhone this app helps me stay on top of my emails. link:

Twitter for Mac desktop app: Twitter doesn’t show any ads on this product. I dont see promoted Tweets or accounts. I don’t see twitter experiments either. Thats awesome! link: Mac App Store — Twitter — Apple

Swype for iOS: Thank G-d apple decided to allow third party keyboards. If I would’ve known what I was missing I may have switched to Android ( not really) link:

HipChat 2.0: I use HipChat to work with my team. Being remote, communication tools like HipChat are key. link:

Dropbox: Great way to keep files in the cloud and auto backs up my pictures. I also access my files from my Dropbox folder from any computer of mine. link:

Refresh: This app is amazing. It makes me feel like i’m a CIA agent or something. It gives me a lot of insight into most people before we meet. link:

Yahoo Sports iOS7: Being a sports junkie who has little time this app helps me keep up to date on scores and schedules. Its a great way to keep up to date on scores quickly and easily. link: Yahoo Sports on the App Store on iTunes — Apple

WeWork App: To be honest this is more a hat tip to WeWork than it is to the app. The app is great but WeWork is amazing. link:

Buffer for iOS7: Buffer is a great way to post to social media. They also have great content recommendations. Ive also met the Buffer team they’re awesome. Their blog is a must read as well. link:

RelateIQ: I just signed up for RelateIQ i wish i would’ve signed up sooner. It’s a really awesome CRM. link:

Google Hangouts/Skype: These are key in maintaining communications with my team. link:

Trello: This is a must for any Product manger. Its great for keeping on top of progress and keeping the scope of projects in check. link:

Medium: Well there’s a reason i’m writing here ☺. link:

This Week in Startups: @jason podcast is must see TV. Its chock full of insight on everything startup. link:

Lyft: Lyft is huge for me especially in NYC where it can be tough to find Taxis in the evening. link:

Frontback 2.0: It’s lots of fun to take pictures with this app. You get context with the pictures. link:

X.AI: Amy schedules meetings for you. She lives in your email and comes out to schedule meetings for you when you ask her. Amy is not a real person. AI is taking over? link:

Sunrise: A really beautiful calendar app. link:

Matter mark: Great research tool to research VC’s and startups. plus Mattermark daily: Great daily email for everything startup. link:

Google Analytics for iOS: Keep an eye on your websites analytics anywhere anytime. link: Google Analytics on the App Store on iTunes — Apple

Shyp: Easiest way to ship packages. link:

Apple Pay: Contactless payment that actually works. Now if only more stores accepted it.

Hooked: Amazing book by Nir Eyal on how to build habit forming products. Must read. link to the blog:

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Another great book by Ben Horowtiz on how to build a startup. link:

Cyberdust: Great ephemeral messaging app. They’re also building a nice little community of people who share interesting content. link:

Hyper lapse: Fun little app from Instagram that helps you make high speed videos. link: Hyperlapse from Instagram on the App Store on iTunes


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