online pitch event at SSG Thu 4/9/15 9am PST

Please contact @jdcarlu on Twitter. See below.

Charles Jo

Hi all: we are doing an online pitch event with other investors (Josh Mahrer, Sergio Romo, etc) and I wanted to invite you to it. You can pitch or lurk, as you like. The purpose is to train your pitch and get good feedback to improve. It’s not an “official” pitch so we make it more friendly and less pressure for those that participate. That said, we all invest, so maybe you get discovered or connected to someone (eg co-founder) if anyone interested please DM me or post here Thanks!

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  1. More info:

    Hi All,

    Please note we’ll be running this via Google Hangouts on Air.

    This is the public URL for viewing the stream:

    For all those pitching please connect with JD to get the speaker URL. (max 10 participants at a time)

    Last round we went over capacity, so we’re trying things a bit differently. Please bare with us and provide feedback so we can learn and improve for the next round.

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