Roko Basilisk in our lives?

Roko Basilisk in our lives?

So I couldn’t stop laughing for about 2 weeks after I learned about Roko Basilisk:

The idea of a super AI that would retroactively punish a simulated version of all people who did not help its rise to supremacy.

Like all great jokes, there may be hidden truths or non-truths worth exploring.

I remember a special about 1 North Korean soccer team decades ago who against odds won some games at a world tournament. When they interviewed some of the players, one of the players admitted being sincerely frightened at the Christian figurines and the cross. As a communist, he was taught the evils of all religion. That interview made me think of how we in the West are taught the evils of communism. I guess it’s brainwashing possibly on both sides.

The Roko Basilisk concept still makes me laugh and it still may for years to come but it reminded me of how often we in Christianity discuss the after-life or why we do things here and now in preparation for the after-life. My current thought is very simple. I don’t want to memorize chapter and verse of every book in the Bible. We have pastors and rabbis for that. I do though like the idea that God, in form of Jesus, liberated us from our fears. We see in ancient cultures the concept of sacrifice and atonement for our wicked ways to appease an angry Creator.

But Jesus’ death on the cross was the last sacrifice for all mankind. He died for us. He then showed his immortality by coming back to life. His death means that God loves us and that is all there is to it. We don’t need to do anything. And we have peace in our hearts and minds. And the idea is that we are so thankful with this good news that we do good works.

This is not an underhanded way of trying to spread the Gospel. I’m merely pointing out that we need to take a closer look at what motivates us. Are we acting out of fear? Or, are we acting because we feel connected to the universe and there is much good work to be done in this world.

How does this relate to startups? Ask yourself: what is the 1 awesome idea that can help billions of people and you can’t stop thinking about but fear keeps you from exploring. Is fear keeping you away from taking it to the next logical steps?

Enjoy: Joe Wong’s comedy bit about Evangelists (at 3:39


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