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finished idea maze: i am the best mouse trap.



  1. we intentionally create magic moments by being more human in our community.

  2. going forward, we have partnered with @pot



  1. members did help edit yesterday. sorry for misinformation.



  1. Sergio, Nathan, Mike, Violeta for SSG blog automation and SSG group on twitter.



  1. 0 to 1 in 4 hours

  2. 2 member driven initiatives

    1. ssg blog section on Sergio’s site [insert link] thanks!

    2. twitter ssg group to subscribe! thanks



  1. 220 members; 164 on Slack.

  2. Blogs tuesday, march 17, 2015 by members? ___


team goals

  1. 1000 members by June 2015; be the best startup community, period.

  2. 8 posts/day

  3. metrics

    1. see #metrics channel on Slack.

    2. alliances and partners?

  4. rally support around

    1. Finkip – a new way to read blogs. Please review.

    2. Nima’s Brazil/Canada projects (intercontinental startups migration & collaboration)

    3. Founder Institute Curitiba “beta” chapter needs your help! #Sponsorships & potential mentors – Nima chapter lead

    4. Startup Weekend Curitiba needs #sponsorships to cover expenses (last event had about 100 participants! largest yet & growing)

    5. Cat’s newsletter

    6. TimeShareCMO: data-driven marketing expertise for startups, part time.

    7. SSG Ecosystem Canvas – #communitycanvas


ideas to consider

  1. (MichaelZeuthen) Business model?



  1. Fantasy Founders Game

    1. value of blogging; fantasy founders game for blogging founders vs. nah. – started 3/12/15. Terrence YC vs Charles (draft founders who blog: picks Adam, Darryl, Jonas, Chris, Shane)


member blogs today- highlight blogs from ssg members; please read, engage, tweet…

  1. People Say Finding a Co-Founder Is Hard But It’s Really Not by @v4violetta

  2. Apple Pay Accepted Here Alerts Needed to Drive Adoption by Eric Dunstan


previous member blogs –


  1. Investing sucks by @joshmaher

  2. Your Analytics Tool Is Wrong by @mjb_sf

  3. Investors Who Want to Build by JD Carluccio

  4. Sharing Economy in the Slack Space by Jesse Strauss

  5. Fighting vs Arguing by Adam Marx

  6. Growth by Justin Wu

  7. VR Space by Phil Johnson

  8. What the hell is happening? by Jonas Daniels

  9. Startup CTO equity by Scott McGregor

  10. On Integrity and Buckets by Charles Jo

  11. Highlights Are a Big Deal by Sergio Romo @sromo16

  12. Tumblr Blog by Terrence Yang

  13. How to prevent your co-founder from stealing your company by Josh Maher

  14. Friday rant by Charles Jo – technically a half free-style tweetstorm

  15. Misnomers about Angel Investing by Josh Maher

  16. Think before Disrupting by Alan Daniel

  17. Some Thoughts on Meerkats by Tom Maxwell

  18. 10 Things Startups and Local Bands Should Avoid Screwing Up On – by Adam Marx

  19. Bootstrapping by Charles Jo


interesting notes from SSG Slack & elsewhere (books, etc.) See #books section on Slack.

  1. ???


past ideas

  1. ssg labs – started 3/4/15

    1. explore ideas within group

  2. edition times – 9:30pm PST (initially 3/4/15)

  3. create easier invite and onboarding than (initially 3/4/15)
    ← WeAreLATech is using a TypeForm page to onboard to their slack channel. See:

    1. 10 minutes to process…

  4. better format for website, more content/context

  5. save also as pdf editions – done

  6. theme song to newsletter by one of Adam Marx’s @adammarx13 awesome bands; maybe cycle thru his bands?

  7. invite more tech/startup bloggers

  8. automate this newsletter (by @costrike)

  9. virtual pitches in future. Google Hangouts -> Yahoo stream.  40 minutes Total next time.

  10. Bloggers – focus on finding tech startup bloggers to join SSG.

  11. RFB: Request for blogs.  Crowdsource ideas for member blogs.

  12. Create a mobile app for SSG users (not slack ) ?

  13. Create a SSG social network site on top of present website –    ?

  14. Create visual analytics about subject matters and topics reheated to start ups

  15. BTC

  16. Promoting, rallying around members’ launches.

  17. ad space on ssg daily and

  18. How can ssg be better?

  19. Slack has been fantastic for global instant communication tool but explore alternatives for video conferences, demos, pitches, etc.

  20. Student chapters at universities.  Nothing too burdensome/bureaucratic but rather super-lean.

  21. Best blogging practices (beyond nagging) and distribution channels.

  22. How can ssg be better? > SSG canvas will provide like diagnosis & gap analysis

  23. Slack has been fantastic for global instant communication tool but explore alternatives for video conferences, demos, pitches, etc.

  24. Student chapters at universities.  Nothing too burdensome/bureaucratic but rather super-lean.

  25. Best blogging practices (beyond nagging) and distribution channels.

  26. Joe mentioned “A member proposed a very interesting idea by email.  Hoping he announces it soon to group as it may help all of us.” Not sure if I am doing this right, but here goes. I love digging into marketing-and sales-oriented technology, and I am happy to write a blog post telling the world how awesome it is. I would love to swap explorations with other startups. Outline: free trial, 1 hour of investment with the service, 1 hour of write-up. As an aside, our best converting traffic ever came from this post: If folks are interested, is there a place where they could post their name/email on Slack?

Your input is welcome