ssg daily yo! march 5, 2015

ssg daily yo! march 5, 2015

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  1. member bloggers yesterday — we got 6 published which is record so far



  1. 1 member won yesterday at Launch – congrats!
  2. a famous person, joined out group — who is possibly more famous than JD Carluccio, Terrence Yang, Sol Weinreich, and Johnson Hor!



  • 145 members; 100 on Slack
  • Goal: 1000 members by June 2015; be the best startup community, period.
  • 4 blog today before coffee Cupertino time! — we did 7 blogs.


ideas to consider

  1. better format for website, more content/context
  2. save also as pdf editions
  3. theme song to newsletter by one of Adam Marx’s @adammarx13 awesome bands; maybe cycle thru his bands?
  4. invite more tech/startup bloggers


member blogs – highlight blogs from ssg members; please read, engage, tweet…

  1. Why has to exist by Charles Jo t
  2. Operno March update by Daniel Crompton @webhat (& @rskiff @oplerno)
  3. 7 Minute Workout Challenge
  4. When You Should Recruit
  5. What Bitcoin could do for South America by JD Carluccio
  6. Funding the (Immediate) Future
  7. Almost at the Speed of Thought by Charles Jo


interesting notes

  • LAUNCH festival post-mortem
    • speakers incl. [   ]. Follow @jason for more info.
    • ssg attendees incl. [JD Carluccio, others]
    • friends of ssg attending [Ashwin Sinha, Decimated Sanity founder CEO, preceleratee at]


member tweetstorms, rebuttstorms (hi @pmarca), upcoming speaking engagements, events (pix or it didn’t happen!), quora Q&A

  • ?


icymi (best of Mattermark, @sama, etc.)

  • @sama wants AI regulated?




  • looks good on iphone Google Docs app.


past ideas

  1. ssg labs – started 3/4/15
    1. explore ideas within group
  2. edition times – 9:30pm PST (initially 3/4/15)
  3. create easier invite and onboarding than (initially 3/4/15)




  • trying Times New Roman font.




Your input is welcome