ssg daily yo! march 8, 2015



ssg daily yo! march 8, 2015

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  1. member bloggers yesterday — 5.
  2. contributions to editing — n/a



  1. virtual pitch today. Meerkat is not as good as google hangouts. Intro to SSG, followed by pitches from Ash, Kela, Roland. 40 minutes Total next time.



  • 162 members; 111 on Slack
  • Goal: 1000 members by June 2015; be the best startup community, period. 8 blogs/day means 1 blog to read every hour at work.
  • Blogs today?


ideas to consider




member blogs – highlight blogs from ssg members; please read, engage, tweet…

  1. the death of newspapers by Sol Weinreich


interesting notes from SSG Slack & elsewhere

  1. RonCo says YC is Harvard of accelerators.



member tweetstorms, rebuttstorms (hi @pmarca), upcoming speaking engagements, events (pix or it didn’t happen!), quora Q&A

  • ?


icymi (best of Mattermark, @sama, etc.)

  • ???




  • ???


past ideas

  1. ssg labs – started 3/4/15
    1. explore ideas within group
  2. edition times – 9:30pm PST (initially 3/4/15)
  3. create easier invite and onboarding than (initially 3/4/15)
    ← WeAreLATech is using a TypeForm page to onboard to their slack channel. See:

    1. 10 minutes to process…
  4. better format for website, more content/context
  5. save also as pdf editions – done
  6. theme song to newsletter by one of Adam Marx’s @adammarx13 awesome bands; maybe cycle thru his bands?
  7. invite more tech/startup bloggers
  8. automate this newsletter (by @costrike)



  1. ???



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