ssg daily! tuesday, march 24, 2015

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forward this with your friends to join our growing helpful grassroots community of founders, investors, and advisors at / contact: charles jo 650.906.2600 – twitter @charlesjo


  1. we need blog readers to enage on and enage your favorite startup bloggers.  Sergio created a simple template which has been working well to get the bloggers explore then we invite to Slack.

Template message to blogger:

Hey [****name****]   I found your post on it’s a community to discuss startup blogs. If you sign up, your Medium feed is automatically added so you don’t have to ever manually post and possibly have more distribution.

  1. ssg needs a logo.  Please see @rafaecheve on Slack.

Ongoing projects:

    1. We are crowdsourcing referrals/recommendations to women founders and investors.  Please use this link in

    2. Please continue to support @nimakaz (Slack) for his Brazil/LATAM/Canada startup network and events.

    3. For those interested in ssg’s open source global legal forms project for startups, please contact Nathan (@nuclearpengy Slack/Twitter) for more info.

  1. Stats: 261 members; 194 on Slack.

Thank you all for creating the community we want and need.


Your input is welcome