The Great Experiment

Although transparency is the leading edge of corporate culture, especially at new software startups, most companies adhere to top down central command organizations.  It’s structure is based on decaying analogies of factories which have to start and stop at specific times — clock in/clock out — some Oz in the background pulling all the switches to make things work like clockwork.  It’s about control and limiting errors and more often, limiting behaviors — behaviors that could lead to innovation.

One of the most exciting things about the Startup Study Group community is the opposite of control.  I should qualify this with quality control on the decency and respectful communication in the community and between members who decide to communicate with another member.  But the overarching goal is to unleash the creative human potential which I imagine it to be infinitely more productive and healthy than the outdated factory metaphor for human interaction.
Most of the SSG members are starting new companies and are first time entrepreneurs.  We have investors at angel and VC level in the community too but overwhelmingly, the members are founders today or they plan to be someday.  What makes our members different is that they want to help each other.  I’m not naively going to suggest this is altruistic. But even for selfish reasons, this is a great way of doing business.  Members in competing spaces are chatting, congratulating each other on fundraises and discussing challenges they face.  We are learning together.
I really believe this will help each SSG members succeed faster.  We will optimize fast tracking founders and their startups.
For the SSG brand, I want our members to explore every unturned stone.  We have much to do and there’s not even the perfect to do list app in the world yet.
I’m @charlesjo on Twitter. @startupstudyg is the brand account.
Request an invite at @getfinkip

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