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Help A/B test @pubnub referral page

NPDBCNBj_normal.jpeg Charles Jo (@charlesjo)
10/6/14, 4:33 PM
A/B testing @PubNub referral URL via @charlesjo…

If you have strength to click the URL, please check it out and encourage others to do same. Pretty neat message alert tool.

Download the official Twitter app here

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Please review PubNub on ProductHunt!

NPDBCNBj_normal.jpeg Charles Jo (@charlesjo)
10/3/14, 8:35 AM
Startup Metrics Dashboard: realtime metrics by PubNub… via @ErikTorenberg @ProductHunt…

A friend’s startup is on Product Hunt so please review and share with friends. Interesting demo for startup metrics.

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Twitter @charlesjo

Q&A with Eric Elliott re: Ending Homelessness


Thank you for such a worthwhile cause.

Posting now…

Charles Jo
Twitter @charlesjo

On Oct 1, 2014, at 2:28 PM, Echo <echo> wrote:

Hi Charles,

Thanks so much for your support! Here are the answers to your questions.


I’m Eric Elliott, author of “Programming JavaScript Applications” (O’Reilly), and contributor to the app experiences of many well-known brands, including Adobe, Zumba Fitness, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, and musicians such as John Legend, Usher, Metallica, and many more.


I’m on a mission to end homelessness. The main cause of homelessness is that people can’t find affordable housing. Why? Often because they don’t qualify for high-paying jobs. We want to make sure that people who need it have access to high quality web platform training — the sort of training you’ll need to land a great job at Google, Twitter, PayPal, or one of the many hot startups building great apps. We’re launching a series of courses called “Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott.” Great for anybody who wants to learn how to build great applications.


Anybody from anywhere can take advantage of the courses. For the outreach programs, we have volunteers in various cities around the world.


I’m tired of watching the suffering of people in poverty, struggling with homelessness, always scrambling to meet basic survival needs, while we’re commuting to work early in the morning to chat with our outsourced team in India before they go to sleep. I love international collaboration, but we’re outsourcing a ton of work overseas while we have people curled up on sidewalks, getting kicked or mugged, getting sick, and generally enduring more than any person should be required to endure.

We’re gearing up to release our first course — one that reveals a valuable software development process. Some derivative of this process is used by many of the best teams in the world to develop, release, and validate software updates daily.

You can learn more about why we’re doing this from the Medium posts:

Purchase a course for yourself, or make a contribution here:


Books are shipping now. We’re gearing up to launch the first course in October. The course website is scheduled to open in December, at which point, more courses will be released.

Eric Elliott –, “Programming JavaScript Applications” (O’Reilly)