5 thoughts on “Glossary

  1. Twitter: “Tinder for Bromance.” Twitter is an online microblog social network for venture capitalists and founders to help each other use iPhones and accessorize so they can report sport scores in real-time, review movies, and advise startups. Leading by example for keeping burn rates low, Andreesen Horowitz appears to be running entire firm on Twitter as office communication and productivity tool. Economist use platform to argue about unprovable economic theories. Twitter is also an affiliate marketing teaser platform for New York Times and Wall Street Journal. (Originally by Charles Jo 9/20/2014, updated 10/10/14)

  2. MacBook Pro: High end backup battery charger for iPhone. Also can be used to browse web. Insurance for those who may one day need to render and edit their blockbuster film although likely, Apple will have introduced a much better machine by then.

    (Charles Jo 9/23/14, updated 10/7/14)

  3. Schools

    Harvard: Stanford of East Coast.

    Stanford: For students who could not get into Cal.

    Cal: Letting Stanford dropouts and graduates pursue all the billion dollar ideas because it was never about the money.

  4. Super Pumpedness: The A+ in AP class level mojo for startup employees.

    Upside: hiring college fraternity level excitement and maturity to company.

    Downside: hiring college fraternity level excitement and maturity to company.

    Super Pumpedness can also be achieved by drinking Philz coffee.

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