StartupStudyGroup is a free resource for entrepreneurs: future, current, and former founders.  Goal is to become the most useful tool for this community by learning “Startup as a Second Language” together.

Thesis: entrepreneurs -> startups -> job creation -> wealth creation -> better world.

Inspiredby: @pmarca@joi@masason@davemcclure@naval@khanacademy@foundersspace, @johnsonhor, @gatesfoundation, @billgates, @sheridantatsuno .

3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Hello Charles,
    I am interested in being a part of the startup study group. Also I have completed my engineering in computer science from India and will be starting my masters at Santa Clara University in Computer Science in Fall- 2014. I have been a part of Infocepts Ltd.(a data warehousing and business intelligence company) as a project trainee.

    With Regards,
    Rachana Deolikar

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