Welcome to SSG!

Please introduce yourself on #intros channel and tell us about your startup(s) and how SSG and members can help you level up. We have a lot of channels but please feel to create a new one if none addresses your interests as those may inspire others here. We want to see everyone here to learn and succeed together.  For SSG Slack, you are encouraged to complete your profile including a picture.


Some popular channels you may want to explore:



#3f – a space for Female Founders and Funders




#random – Talk about random stuff

#ssg-dogfood – where you can explore SSG member’s startups

#twitter-handles – to follow people who are at SSG



Notes: Welcome to SSG v. Started by Charles Jo 5/13/15

[Google Docs link](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-mrTNp9ExQ_k93MyiOYivgCZGIVatmHpYXsCB5rP6eg/edit?usp=docslist_api)


ThoughtStreams link: https://thoughtstreams.io/charlesjo/ssg/8209/


Your input is welcome