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From a reader who wants to remain anonymous:

“I need some advice regarding a situation that has been developing for a while now. I have a new and inexperienced manager. This person constantly takes me off track by micromanaging me and creating distractions. For example, they accuse me of making statements and/or promises that I never made. I have learned that aggressively defending myself only intensifies the situation and the distraction. However, posing questions as to how these conclusions were reached seems to alleviate the situation. I am beginning to suspect that these distractions might be on purpose because of their increasing frequency. Any advice?”

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One thought on “Dear SSG

  1. When the environment becomes too hostile (counter productive) you must recognize it and take the only action that makes sense: exit it.

    The short reply is that you will have better opportunities elsewhere, either by yourself if you create a startup or by joining another team better matching your personal goals (depending on the size of your organization, it may be in the same firm but in a different department, town, or country or in a different company).

    Figthing management is a lost battle because other managers and directors will side with their peers: they never deal with you so they have little incentive (and much to lose) at digging any further if you ask their help.

    Lost battles are not only a waste of time and resources: they also are toxic.

    Identify and avoid them.

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