5-10 experienced volunteers to test Shorty app

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for 5-10 volunteers to test a new messaging app called Shorty. Please see info below and one you download, please ping me at charlesjo on Shorty.

Charles Jo
Twitter @charlesjo

About Shorty & Imre Varga

Do you hate when somebody sends you one sentence in 5 messages with 5 min
time difference? If you do Shorty is the answer to this problem.

Enjoy the simplicity of messaging with Shorty. There is nothing better
than sharing your most important thoughts. It is simple, quick and no
unnecessary features annoy your precious time. Be aware that only your
last message can be seen and every message disappears after 24 hours.
Therefore try to compose your messages in a meaningful way. Simply make it

The company behind Shorty is the Berimbolo Labs, LTD that owned by Imre
Varga. (The “berimbolo” is one of the most innovative technique of the
modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) The team behind Shorty is a one man army, Imre
Varga is the coder, designer and the marketing guy.

Actually the biggest known bug in the Shorty 1.0.1 is when the text input
goes under the keyboard (ios 8). The fixed version is waiting for review.

I really appreciate any criticism and feedback.



Your input is welcome