6th Exercise – Think about tweet by Marc Andreesen re: 7B empowered smartphone users

The question is “…what are 7 billion free, empowered, connected people with net-connected supercomputers going to build by end of century?”

My initial thoughts: more neat and valuable projects like Linux will emerge to tackle different types of problems.  Benedict Evans stated that Uber did not exist when iPhone arrived in his 2014 keynote but I think that there may have been people with Uber/Lyft ideas who did not get opportunity to productize and build a business.  I recall reading stories of crackdown on Los Angeles Koreatown drivers taxing people around.  What if these entrepreneurs had tools to develop around apps.   As barriers to start new companies disappear, we may see the most interesting apps yet – and quicker – by more non-tech centric demographic.  Yes, software is eating the world.

Your input is welcome