Craig McLeod is a founder of a web startup in Africa

Craig – please feel free to add comments.

SSG members – Someone outside the SSG kindly shared his opinion that Craig McLeod may be the entrepreneur who can increase access for Africa. So… we all need to rally around his efforts. I love what NGOs and religious organizations do globally and in Africa but I — even as a progressive liberal – believe we can make the biggest impact leveraging market economics and encouraging sustainable businesses. Whatever it takes to help, let’s do it. Please reach out to Craig directly by email or on SSG Slack.

Craig is a startups guru. In the past, he has worked for several notable successes including Thawte, which sold for $580 million, and others that all ended in profitable exits. Craig also sits on the emeritus boards of a number of startups, VC funds and incubators. When not working, he can be found speaking about startups, Agile, UX design, InfoSec and others at events sponsored by the likes for Microsoft, Pearson, Amex, Adobe and others. Craig’s best time is spent volunteering at khayelitsha hospital in the peadiatric ward.

Contact info: / skype: build2tradedotcom (always reply to all emails)

Thank you in advance. Let’s continue to help each other level up faster.

Charles Jo

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