One thought on “Ron Conway at 2013 YC

  1. – Facebook was exciting due to user engagement & growth. Never argue w/users even if self not a user.
    – Snapchat investment due to pattern recognition of social apps.
    – Ben Silverman spent 1.5 years iterating Pinterest via focus groups in caf├ęs w/women friends.
    – Ev Williams & Ben Silverman are successful because they are obsessed w/great products & less worried ab/PR.
    – Ron Conway helps w/hard problems: funding, M&A.
    – Founders don’t spend enough time finding the value added investor. Too much focus is on other topics like dilution.
    – Get process going quickly. Term sheet is a forcing function to get other investors.
    – Entrepreneurs need to be decisive about product & company. Investors ask if this founder can attract talent to grow company.
    – Cost of starting biz is much lower.
    – User design and interface are important now.

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