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  1. Great intros on SSG slack.
  2. Need to note some of the interesting topics here.
  3. Exclusive member-only notices will not be published on SSG daily here but by Slack and/or email.



  1. member blogs March 12, 2015 was 5.
  2. contributions to editing — n/a; (members always invited to edit)



  1. ???



  1. 183 members; 136 on Slack
  2. Blogs today my members? 3 today so far!!!
  3. other metrics?


team goals

  1. Goal: 1000 members by June 2015; be the best startup community, period. 8 blogs/day means 1 blog to read every hour at work.
  2. metrics
    1. see #metrics channel on Slack.
  3. rally around Ingrid’s STEM project (twitter @ingridium)
  4. Finkip – a new way to read blogs. Please review.


ideas to consider

  1. Promoting, rallying around members’ launches.
  2. Gamificaton: value of blogging; fantasy founders game for blogging founders vs. nah. – started 3/12/15. Terrence YC vs Charles (draft founders who blog: picks Adam, Darryl, Jonas)


member blogs today- highlight blogs from ssg members; please read, engage, tweet…

  1. Highlights Are a Big Deal by Sergio Romo @sromo16
  2. Tumblr Blog by Terrence Yang
  3. How to prevent your co-founder from stealing your company by Josh Maher

  4. Friday rant by Charles Jo – technically a half free-style tweetstrorm

yesterday’s member blogs


  1. Misnomers about Angel Investing by Josh Maher
  2. Think before Disrupting by Alan Daniel
  3. Some Thoughts on Meerkats by Tom Maxwell
  4. 10 Things Startups and Local Bands Should Avoid Screwing Up On – by Adam Marx
  5. Bootstrapping by Charles Jo

interesting notes from SSG Slack & elsewhere

  1. ???

member tweetstorms, rebuttstorms (hi @pmarca), upcoming speaking engagements, events (pix or it didn’t happen!), quora Q&A

  • ?


icymi (best of Mattermark, @sama, etc.)

  1. ?



  • ???


past ideas

  1. ssg labs – started 3/4/15
    1. explore ideas within group
  2. edition times – 9:30pm PST (initially 3/4/15)
  3. create easier invite and onboarding than (initially 3/4/15)
    ← WeAreLATech is using a TypeForm page to onboard to their slack channel. See:

    1. 10 minutes to process…
  4. better format for website, more content/context
  5. save also as pdf editions – done
  6. theme song to newsletter by one of Adam Marx’s @adammarx13 awesome bands; maybe cycle thru his bands?
  7. invite more tech/startup bloggers
  8. automate this newsletter (by @costrike)
  9. virtual pitches in future. Google Hangouts -> Yahoo stream.  40 minutes Total next time.
  10. Bloggers – focus on finding tech startup bloggers to join SSG.
  11. RFB: Request for blogs.  Crowdsource ideas for member blogs.
  12. Create a mobile app for SSG users (not slack ) ?
  13. Create a SSG social network site on top of present website –    ?
  14. Create visual analytics about subject matters and topics reheated to start ups
  15. BTC



  1. ???

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