SSG member product Finkip is on Product Hunt today


We hope we can extend the same alert to other members when their product gets hunted in Product Hunt. Please see Sergio’s note below and visit the link and review. Please share with your friends who may be interested.

Thank you in advance.

Charles Jo650.906.2600

[Slack] Notifications from the startupstudygroup team for Mar 28th, 2015


Hi Charles,

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3928562847_a0dee5aea9790574dd24_72.jpg Sergio Romo 8:03 AM, Mar 28th
hey @everyone please check out Finkip on Product Hunt, if you like it please like or tell us why you did not like it.

It’s a project @rafaecheve and I have been working on lately

Also, since 7:33 am on Mar 28th, when you were last in Slack,

there have been 17 messages in seven channels.

Your input is welcome