Study Group on the Network Effect (Virality)​

From my friend Andreas…

Charles Jo 650.906.2600 Twitter @charlesjo

Begin forwarded message:

several of my clients want their product/service/etc to go viral.

well, sure, everyone wants that: just release, spend zero on marketing, become a billionaire.

i’ve been looking into this: there’s very little about “network effect” (also called virality, viral marketing, Metcalfe’s Law, etc.) there’s a wikipedia article, a few more articles, and the few examples, which are all the same: fax machines, telephones, Skype.

but none of those products were launched with the expectation of virality: they were lucky to be viral.

tho’ virality is incredibly valuable, i wonder why it hasn’t been studied. there are no books on this at Amazon. there are description of it, but nothing on how to do it.

nobody is able to intentionally and repeatedly create virality. proof: if someone could, he’d be a billionaire.

– would you want to meet, discuss, brainstorm to see if we can figure this out?

– i’m looking for five or six people (highly skilled, experienced, motivated, etc.) to discuss this. you’re either in digital marketing or a dotcom founder.

– we should meet perhaps five or six times over a month or two. either we figure out how to do this (or we figure out that it can’t be done).

i have a conf room with large white boards (and coffee) in Palo Alto.

benefit to you: it’d solve your marketing problem
downside to you: you become a billionaire and you have to pay more taxes

next step: contact me. include your LinkedIn ID or website.

– i’m at
– you can also see my website at

i’ll put pick a day in the next two weeks, and notify you.


Your input is welcome