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Welcome to Earlybirdy.com

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Welcome to Earlybirdy

Yesterday Earlybirdy Inc. was incorporated. We’re excited to soon unveil what we’ve been working on…

We built a real-time search engine to do something important that we’ve never seen done before: it automatically figures out what people on social media think about any product or brand in the world.

This means before you buy something, you can do a fly-by on Earlybirdy.com and see what people like you think. How awesome would that be? Oh yeah, and it’s free. We think everybody can help everybody else make the best buying decisions.

For businesses, Earlybirdy figures out people that might just be perfect customers — they want what you sell. Or, they may be tired of competing products and ready to try your brand. All you have to do is respond, we organize everything to make life simpler for everyone.

If that sounds interesting and useful, drop your email address on our homepage and you’ll be one of the first to see Earlybirdy.

Erik Berg & Brent Eyler, Co-founders


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