Exciting news from ssg members today, May 11, 2015

Originally posted on https://thoughtstreams.io/charlesjo/ssg/8285/

Exciting news today on SSG: (1) Ben’s startup has announced their app so please let’s dog-food our fellow SSG member startup products. I want us to test to use as our default private messaging app for SSG. https://itunes.apple.com/app/id949311456?mt=8 + ben (or charlesjo); (2) in case you missed it, please see #accelerator-incubator channel for possible deals on AWS and MS tools for your startup — remember, we are trying to get ssg members’ costs to MVP down to $0; (3) please explore ThoughtStreams as a blog publishing tool eg. https://thoughtstreams.io/charlesjo/ssg/ ; (4) more increasingly relevant private betas being discussed on SSG Slack so please share with your favorite founders and investors: http://bit.ly/joinssg.

I’m @charlesjo on Twitter, SSG Slack, and on HeyNow app.

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