IC joke & future of SSG

There’s an old joke in Silicon Valley that goes something like this:

Q: “What made Silicon Valley so successful?”

A: “ICs.”

Q: “Integrated Circuits?”

A: “No, Indians and Chinese.”

Diversity along with meritocracy, visionaries, hyper-competitiveness are all wonderful traits of Silicon Valley and I sincerely hope that the rest of the US and the globe will adopt as ways to improve business ecosystems.

There is another factor that I am exploring with SSG which I call Integrated Community or full-stack startup ecosystem. It already exists in the supply chain for unicorns but most people are locked out. So I have been recreating an open source version of it at SSG with a twist. We welcome every founder and investor who is interested in helping others. We have 569 registered users on the SSG Slack version and today on Mother’s Day, I see we have 25 users online and I suspect many more lurking.

Vision I have for SSG as an Integrated Community is highest speed in communication which leads to quickest MVPs. As a group, we should be able to create a startup from idea to MVP in an hour.

Join us at https://ssg-slack.herokuapp.com and explore. Instant access to 569 founders and investors. No need for silly “warm introductions” to our members. Commiserate with fellow entrepreneurs. Share success stories. Let’s change the world.

I’m @charlesjo on Twitter and SSG slack.

Your input is welcome